Apartment hunting in most European countries is pretty much the same. You check online listings, talk to some real estate agents, make a list of potential apartments for rent, and you start checking out places.

So far, that’s pretty much how you go for apartment hunting in Luxembourg as well.

But, there are quite a few aspects that make apartment hunting in Luxembourg a unique experience.

The first thing to know about apartment renting in Luxembourg is that real estate agencies perform most of the job. Most landlords prefer using these agencies over renting their place on their own.

You won’t find any street signs saying “Property For Rent” – not as much as in the US, UK, or other European countries.

Instead, if you want to rent an apartment in Luxembourg, you need to start your quest online. Several real estate agencies list their properties on their websites. Furthermore, you can check local newspapers or third-party real estate property websites.

There is a limited offer that might surprise you or anyone new in the region. This is far from what you expect from most developed countries in Europe, both in an economic and cultural sense.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t have to do with the economic and cultural heights of the country, but with its available space. Luxembourg City covers just 51.46 km2 area, and there isn’t much space for new developments.

Because of that, apartment hunting doesn’t take too long. For most people, it means renting the first place they come across, while for others going through a few before choosing.

On the positive side, you won’t spend days looking for apartments, as you will mostly choose from the available and limited selection.

Then some landlords are another unique challenge to consider. Thing is they know that the market is limited, the demand is also high, and they get to pick their tenants.

So, in a way, you don’t pick your apartment, your apartment picks you!

To that end, when you are scouting for an apartment, make sure that you bring your A-game to the potential landlord. Make sure you make an impression of a serious person that will be a good tenant, one that will comply with the rules of the contract. In all fairness, apartment hunting in Luxembourg is more like going on a job interview.

Last but not least is the rental contract, which is super important. Luxembourg rental laws are pro-tenant, which is excellent. But you need to cover all your basis with the rental contract as well. Make sure that the rental contract doesn’t interfere with your tenant rights.

To that end, it is highly advisable to hire a local translator that will help you understand and go through all aspects of the rental contract.


Act fast, don’t sign anything before reading it through, know your rights, and be respectful toward your potential landlord. That’s how you land your new apartment in Luxembourg. Other than that, keep in mind that there are more openings in July and August than in September-October or other months of the year.